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27 May 2015 07:39 am

Telltale's "Game of Thrones" Sons of Winter

I really don't have a lot of time right now, with exams and exams and... exams... so here are my thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones game by TellTale:

  • My favorite point in the episode was the confrontation at Highpoint. And I don't mean the actual confrontation, I mean the 'Game Over' ending where I attacked Lud and got absolutely smashed. It was a propper, Red Wedding/Hamet ending where every major character died. If that had been the end of the Ironwrath storyline I'd have been happy.
  • It looks like they're trying to set up Mr Friendly as the traitor (seeing as I've been nice to Gung-Ho) but I'm still sure it's the Maester. Even if he did get beaten up by Griff (it's a double bluff guys, that's fake blood all over him).
  • I like how fast the story's progressing now, we're over halfway through season 4, and I'm looking forward to some of the overlaps we'll be seeing next time (hopefully Tyrion's trial & the battle of Castle Black).
  • So it turns out Cotter was a wildling, and he has a sister, and his real name really is Cotter... I sure am not a fan of that.
  • Speaking of Wildlings, the tribe of Ygritte rip offs was alright, and it sure is good to see more female characters in the story who can speak for themselves (I'm looking at you HBO), and I liked the parallel's to Jon's story in Season 3.
  • I'm glad Senior FUCKING-Snow's back, it's helping put the Whitehill conflict into perspective.
  • The assault on Meereen was pretty cool, and unlike in the show the citizens are still speaking Meereneese (again, WTF show). Scarface's story was nice too, but I don't know why everyone seems to be annoyed at her for killing her old master. I mean, she's still an ex-slave. How is that any different to any of the other slaves killing their masters.
  • Although the episode took 13 hours to download (blame my wi-fi), there weren't as many glitches as previous episodes. I never missed a dialog choice and the only time I missed a quicktime event was when I had the audacity to take a drink during a quiet conversation with Scarface. I mean, it's not great praise to say "Well it didn't break this time," but hey, it didn't...

Alright, this'll be the last short review and I look forward to being able to play these games without feeling guilty for not working. Onto the predictions:

Prediction Time:

  • We're going to see the Red Viper. Nope, which is a shame from a storytelling sense, but I spoose it's understandable from a production standpoint.
  • Daenerys will barely feature, staying just long enough to provide a fetch and retrieve quest for the dragon.She was it it quite a bit, and if I'm honest, I think I was tricked into predicting this one by the 'next time' trailer. I guess it's Karma or whatever.
  • I will be a lot more excited about this game once it's release is in the wilderness between seasons, not only a few weeks from the start of one. Rather the opposite, I was more excited about this episode because it was released in the middle of a lacklustre, dissapointing series.
  • Jon will fail to put on any weight (seriously, look how skinny he is!) I'm not sure if Jon was even in this episode. I guess he was because I remember him from the trailer, but I can't remember what he said.
  • That Coal Boy (Tom?) is in for it. I'm frankly amazed he's still alive now. Nah, though there's still time.
  • The Maester's tretchery will be elluded to, but not revealed outright. There'll also be a red herring in the form of either Gung-Ho or Mr Happy. I think it would be a pretty confusing twist if the guy Griff was beating up, turned out to be working for him. But there's still time.
  • Mira and that trader bloke are going to hit it off... Buisness style! Yeah! Let's go all mergers & aqquisitions on their asses!
  • I stole the letter from Tyrion and I don't know why. This is going to be significant, and not in a good way. There was a worrying moment when I glanced to the side of my screen and saw I was still carrying it around!!!
  • Gared will overtake Rodrick/Asha in my affections if that friend of his turns out not to be a Wildling. Which one's Asha again..? Because nobody's going to beat Asha Greyjoy in my affections (unless they're named Brienne, Arya or Tyrion). Oh wait, the guy in Essos... Nah, he's still better than Gared. What's with that guy?,/i>
  • Long Term Prediction Time: By the end of the series the Wildlings will have attacked the Wall. Although I've realised that if Gared's gone off in search of the Grove, we probably won't see it... Damn you and your fetch quests Mr Friendly!

Weeellll... This one didn't go so well... It's getting harder to predict what's going to happen, but I've got a few ideas::

  • Tyrion's trial is fat approaching, and if we're going to see Oberyn at all in this game, it'll be there. But I don't think we'll be going inside, unless Mira's called to give evidence.
  • Ramsey FUCKING Snow's going to kill another Forrester, or at least stab them... y'know, a little bit.
  • That Wildling Girl knows more than she's letting on. I reckon there's more to the whole Cotter-Luna Lovegood lookalike relationship than it appears.
  • I don't quite understand the logic behind Dany giving Asha her Unsullied. I'm hoping he just stays in Meereen and explores some more of the city than the show.
  • There'll be some new blood in terms of characters. This time we met Laddict Lannister and Luna-Lovegood-lookalike, but there'll be more next time, probably some more from the show.
  • This traitor we've been hearing so much about is going to be revealed... finally... please?
  • The Next episode will benifit from coming out after a below-average season, while we wait for both the new series, and the book.
  • Rodrick's lady friend won't last that long now she seems to be into him again. I reckon Griff's going to screw things up and kill her.
  • Mira's bastard friend and her new bf aren't going to work out. she's lying to him and he's a dickface.
  • Long Term Prediction Time: By the end of the series the Wildlings will have attacked the Wall. And we're not going to see any of it.

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