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28 Mar 2015 10:48 am

Telltale's "Game of Thrones" The Sword in the Darkness

I don't have a lot of time right now, with exams and whatnot so here are my very brief thoughts on the lates Game of Thrones game:

  • For an episode with all of it's marketing based around the Dragons, there sure wasn't much of the dragons in this episode.
  • The choice between Scarface and Uncle Posh-Voice (I don't have time to look names up, I'm busy) was nice, as it subverted the expectation that when you choose between two characters in a telltale game, it means a death sentene is being given out. All the same, I reckon Uncle Posh-Voice's days are numbered (I chose Scarface).
  • The stuff at the Purple Wedding was nice, although I think they tried to connect it with the show a little too much. Having the pie get taken away mid-scene was a nice touch (similar to the reveal of the Twins in Ep1) but we didn't need to overhear the whole scene, especially as the background character murmer continued even when the king was literally dying right ther in front of them.
  • I do not belive for one second that that guy is a wildling. If he turns out not to be BS-ing Garred I'm going to be really pissed off.
  • The tie ins to the events surrounding the world are cool, but they don't always make sense. Sure the Purple Wedding and the Seige of Meereen happen roughly at the same time; but why is this wildling looking longingly back beyond the wall? His entire culture is marching on the Wall and he's willing to just run off into the wilderness?
    At least open the gate first mate!
  • The more I play as Rodrick, the more I feel like it would have been more impactful if he's taken ethan's place as PC in the first episode who gets killed off in an OH FUCK moment. (On a somewhat related note, where the heck is R-F'ing-S? Why arse around with Whitehills when you've got a perfectly formed antagonist right there? Probably real life getting in the way I suppose, they can't have too many big characters, and if we're introducing Dany then the others are going to have to get less time in the sun.
  • Speeking of Dany, I thought that the art for this episode seemed to be a step up from the previous two. Compare Danearys and Cersei's models and you can see a clear impovement. (Drogon was a bit clanky though that might just have been lag on my end.)

Right, that's pretty much all I've got time for at the moment, so I'll get quickly onto the predictions:

Prediction Time:

  • We'll receive some sort of clue that Margaery isn't all she's cracked up to be. For some reason I sided with Tyrion despite knowing he would be imprisonned for the rest of the series. I'm counting this one because of the ultimatum she imposed.
  • The Forester's Maester is going to do something to betray the house. Called it!! We all know he's the traitor, and now even the characters are starting to suspect people. I'm sure Gung-ho is too obvious a choice and Mr Friendly's Gared's uncle. He wouldn't do anything against the family... right?
  • The Whitetree's son is going to be even more of a Dick than RFS earning him a similar nickname. Hmm... Because I didn't do a full review I can't really comment on this one, but I'd say he was at most as dickish as Ramsey FUCKING Snow so I can't call this a victory.
  • Another Perspective Character will be introduced in the next episode. Nope, turns out there are only going to be 4. I suppose Ethan counted as the 5th.
  • Asha will arrive in Meereen and meet Dany & the Dragons. Despire featuring prominantly in the trailer, Dany really only had one line, and Drogon was a bit of a let down. All the same, they were present.
  • Gared will take his vows and yet still be the least interesting PC. Yup, though if they don't start giving Asha some serious screentime soon, I'm going to have to take that back. Looks like things are picking up on the Gared front.
  • Something horrible is going to happen to someone I like (I mean come on, this is Telltale AND Game of Thrones). Unless you count Tyrion, I don't think this one worked. Damn, I put this in as an easy win...
  • Cersei make another attempt on Mira's life. Nope.
  • We'll see Joffrey's Wedding. If be see, you mean hear then yes we did. Counting it!
  • The game will lag out again and cause me to miss a conversation option. It happened again guys, at the point when I had to choose whether or not to 'stay down.'

    6 out of 10 that's over 50%!! What about next time:

  • We're going to see the Red Viper. It only just dawned on me that he's around in Kings Landing, sleeping with whores and stabbing the hands of Lannister guards yet we've heard nothing from him.
  • Daenerys will barely feature, staying just long enough to provide a fetch and retrieve quest for the dragon.
  • I will be a lot more excited about this game once it's release is in the wilderness between seasons, not only a few weeks from the start of one.
  • Jon will fail to put on any weight (seriously, look how skinny he is!)
  • That Coal Boy (Tom?) is in for it. I'm frankly amazed he's still alive now.
  • The Maester's tretchery will be elluded to, but not revealed outright. There'll also be a red herring in the form of either Gung-Ho or Mr Happy.
  • Mira and that trader bloke are going to hit it off... Buisness style!
  • I stole the letter from Tyrion and I don't know why. This is going to be significant, and not in a good way.
  • Gared will overtake Rodrick/Asha in my affections if that friend of his turns out not to be a Wildling.
  • Long Term Prediction Time: By the end of the series the Wildlings will have attacked the Wall.

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