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9 Feb 2015 02:21 pm

This Just Got Real

As of Febuary 9th, 2015, A Game of Roleplay is officially a donator comic.
What does this mean you ask?
Well it means:

  • I can re-upload the full resolution version of comic #100.
  • And I'll be able to upload more multi-page strips in future.
  • If you look in the navigation bar you'll find that the web adress is now meaning I no longer have to explain to people what Jeeves has done to deserve smacking.
  • I'll be featured in some fancy featured spots on the website meaning there'll be more traffic coming in pretty soon from within the host site (I know most of my readers don't have smackjeeves accounts but it's a whole load easier to manage the community if they do).
  • I now have a real incentive to keep producing content or I'll have lost out on £12.50!!
  • I may be more incentivised by the idea of monetisation on the webcomic page. Not much, just enough to cover upkeep costs for GORP (and possibly FAMF, depending on how things go), maybe allowing me to upgrade to the next level of Premium content. Feel free to email me with opinions on this one, I don't know if it's for me.

So overall, things are getting (slightly) fancier. Hope you enjoy, and that all of the links I've sent out to the old adress re-direct properly...

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