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22 Jun 2014 03:06 pm

Season 1 Episode 2

This morning I finished production on the first strip made using screencaps from episode 2. At the moment it's looking like the second section of stories will start around comic #30, though it could be a bit later if I slot in any extra ideas. To start with I'm trying to keep the play sessions roughly in line with the episodes, so the first session ends at the end of the first episode & so on. I can't see this lasting long though as several of the major plot point I have planned rely on flexability with session length. It's also a problem with GoT that a lot of episodes only feature certian charactors very lightly, if at all. This will be difficult to work around if it happens to the PCs. At least A Game of Roleplay has the advantage that the PCs are perspective charactors from the books meaning that if there's a major plot point happening somewhere in Westeros, you can garuntee that there will be someone there to see it.

I'm getting some really nice feedback from readers so it looks like this is going to carry on in the regular MON/WED/FRI format for the forseeable future. I got a massive sppike in redership on saturday and I'm not quite sure where it came from so if you're new to the comic, let me know where you came from. I can't actually remember if this news feed has a comment box for you to respond in... If not you're welcome to e-mail me at

I hope you are enjoying the comic so far and I look forward to publishing the comics I've been working on (though at this rate it'll be in August by the time that happens).


pahispoika, 16 Jul 2014 05:58 pm

avatar Just found this today. looking forward to reading more. awesome job, you!

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