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276- Lords and Ladies

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I suppose at some point I should talk about Shae, and it might as well be now as I'm procrastinating from doing my assignments. In series one, most of the players were portraying perspective characters from the books (with the exception of Geri as Bronn) but as the series progresses there are fewer and fewer times when two or more perspective characters share screentime, and constant discussion between the GM and one PC becomes repetitive. That's why Phoebe's with Lizzie and Sean, and Kelly has joined Nick and Geri in King's Landing. At the moment, only Will and Geri's second character, Jaime, are on their own (and that might be rectified in the next episode with the introduction of a certain as-yet-unknown knight) and neither of them has been having much screentime thus far. Hopefully that's been keeping things interesting.

Well, as interesting as they can be with an average of less than one comic a week. Hang in there! Only 18 more months of university (and then I've only got the rest of my life to get in the way...)

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Posted by: Sliver (Guest)

Hey, at least you are posting more frequently than A Song of Fire and More Fire!

Posted at: 22 Feb 2017 08:23 am

Posted by: Sliver (Guest)

Taking it back.

Posted at: 10 Apr 2017 10:14 am

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