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All Webcomics Must Die
Though this one isn't quite over yet...

I took an impromptu break for a month following my exams in June, (which looking back, I probably should have announced to my readers) but I've come back to writing now while I wait for my new term to start in September. I can't make any promices about update schedules, other than to say that when there is a new comic, it will come at noon on a Tuesday or Thursday, but there won't neccisarily be a new one every Tuesday/Thursday. It's tough keeping up with that on my own, especially on top of my other comittments (and my burgeoning World of Warcraft addiction), especially on my own, but I'm going to do my best to stick to the quality of comic I'd like. It's a sacrifice of quantity in exchange for quantity, but apparently that's the right way round to do it.

Anyway, there's not much more to say now, other than that season six was pretty and impressive, even if it was pretty nonsensical, and that the new Harry Potter book/play reads more like well written fanfiction than a propper sequel (though that's coming from somebody who actually enjoys reading fanfiction, so that's not as much of a dismissal as it might seem. Go read/watch it if you can!)

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Posted by: Atomisk (Guest)

Good News (for) Everyone

Very glad to hear it!

Posted at: 5 Aug 2016 10:21 am

Posted by: zomg (Guest)

Honestly it's a bit harsh but consistency is usually better than quality. As long as there's regular updates quality will usually improve, but if there isn't the quality matters less.

That said consistent updates is a difficult thing and not everyone can manage.

Also yay new comic.

Posted at: 8 Aug 2016 07:38 am

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