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263- Lannister Dagger

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Something I wanted to add into the story was Tyrion actually confronting Littlefinger about the whole 'trying to get him killed' thing. However, way back in book 1, I changed things so it was Tywin who's dagger it was (this only makes sense when you consider that since this guy was a spy, not a sellsword he needn't have travelled with Joffrey & the King's party). As such, Tyrion's just annoyed at Littlefinger trying to kill his father, which is still pretty good grounds for annoyance.

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Posted by: zomg (Guest)

I just watched season six of games of thrones. Holy crap stuff happened.

Posted at: 8 Jul 2016 04:40 pm

Posted by: Guy (Guest)


So, I hate to ask this, but is this a dead webcomic now?

Posted at: 27 Jul 2016 09:51 am

Posted by: zomg (Guest)

@Guy: Seems like it.

Posted at: 29 Jul 2016 03:44 am

Posted by: Fleak


@Guy: Although all webcomics must die, this one isn't quite over yet. There'll be a comic update tomorrow with more information, but until then, hang in there, and I thank you for your continued support, even if it has until now come with a lack of validation on my end.
Hang in there Guy.

Posted at: 31 Jul 2016 04:06 pm

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