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257- Trapped in a Cage

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So let's talk for a moment about Jaqen H'gar's unusual speech pattern in the show. [Minor Spoilers for S2-5 & ACOK-AFFC]
It's not because he's from Braavos (we meet a captain, a whore, a trader and a serving girl from Braavos, all of whom speak normally (some with an accent, some without) not to mention Syrio, who has his own mannerisms), so maybe it's a faceless man thing, except that's a bit weird because it's implied that all the faceless men are one and the same, and it's only when they're wearing Jaqen's face that they speak in this way.
So maybe it's specific to the character he's playing at the time, the one that has the face he's wearing during season 2. That does sort of make sense, after all, the only time he uses her name is after he swaps his face after giving her the coin. But that means the mysticism which comes with his calm and collected manner is just a disguise, based on how some actual person acted, before they died and had their face magic-ed off.
Somehow that takes something away from his character doesn't it...

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