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252- Autumn is Coming

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That line Lizzie says about Summer coming too was probably the first joke I ever wrote for the comic. It might seem a little strange saying that when it's been nearly 2 years since then, but in my original plan I had her in the story right from the start, rather than coming in after a week1 and so during the first episode, when everyone keeps repeating the Stark's words that was her responce. Anyway, here it is 250 strips later in what I think (I may be mistaken, feel free to correct me) is the first time the phrase has been said in earshot of one of the PCs in an episode where Lizzie's playing Arya.
And as a sidenote, "Winter is Coming. Also Summer. I Like Summer" is engraved on the back of the iPad I use to write all of my AGORP scripts. I think I definitely hold that one liner with disproportional respect...

As usual, I haven't seen yesterday's episode of the latest series of GoT yet (at time of writing). I can talk about last week's episode though, and so far I reckon it's improved massively on season 5, even if it has some pretty glaring inconsistancies (Sand Snakes who can cast Greater Teleport, only just remembering now that they weren't supposed to show Melisandre without her Glamour in series 3, Daario... just being Daario).

1The reason I changed this was to create a precident for having her in every other session to allow her to have proportional screentime with the other characters when she was around, rather than doing (maybe) one thing per week.

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Posted by: Sliver (Guest)

Why is this strip #152?

Posted at: 6 May 2016 10:47 am

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