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251- Leaving King's Landing

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Speaking in character is an important part of the roleplaying experiance, in no small part because it's an excellent excuse to do the sort of ludicrous voice which would get you chucked out of a dinner party. The two characters I've got on the go at the moment, are a six year old Aarakokra, who speaks and acts exactly like a six year old would (they're supposed to mature at 4x the rate of Humans, but where's the fun in that), and a half-orc fighter woman who's got more testosterone than a rugby team chugging redbull. Both are a lot of fun in getting NPCs completely confused...
And plus the Aarakokra (bird-man) is a bard with a +7 to persuation so despite this he usually gets what he's going after. And the Half-Orc... Well she's got combined combat stats of 53, so she does OK for herself....

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