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247- Condolenceless

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News: I'm going to be away for my Easter Break (yes, a whole two weeks after Easter itself, University is weird) for all of this week, so if there's a problem with the comic upload I'll be unable to fix it until I get back.

Before I decided to have Sean take over Yoren, I was going to have every line of his come from Eddard's severed head, but I thought that this (while amusing at first) would quickly get old. One of the things I think didn't work with Darths and Droids was having such a long transition between Jim's death as Captain Antilles, and his re-entering the game as... well I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't read that far. For 60 strips (over two in universe sessions) Jim only appeared as a single freeze-frame of Antilles falling to the ground. It kind of took you out of the story to see the same shot over and over again (and it was more obvious with him, than when they've done similar things with R2-D2.
That sort of thing doesn't tend to happen in actual games, (in my experiance people don't tend to like sitting around doing nothing for two weeks) but I guess it was a necissary sacrifice for the sake of the story.

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