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245- Chop Chop

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News: I'm going to be away for my Easter Break (yes, a whole two weeks after Easter itself, University is weird) for all of next week, so if there's a problem with the comic upload I'll be unable to fix it until I get back.

It's true, go back and check. There's no mention of Myrcella up to this point (at least, there shouldn't be if I've done my job properly). While Game of Thrones did go to the trouble of introducing the Baratheon children at the start of the show, there's no denying that they're pretty much forgotten until they turn up again in the 4th & 5th season, played by different actors with completely different ages. The same's true of another Baratheon child, (who I'll get back to sometime next book) and it's something that happens a lot in the show, where characters are only introduced to play their most important role, before dissapearing again. That's both an advantage andd a disadvantage of the book, in that quite often someone will be introduced in one book, only to turn up in another and do something really important, by which time you've completely forgotten who they are.

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