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244- Down it Jestaaaa!!!

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This week one of my GM's other groups couldn't all make it to the session, so my party and theirs combined in a parallel universe session where we started at sixth level with a bunch of magical items. The GM spent an hour or so setting up a one off plot for us about killing a dragon, all of which was completely derailed in the first 5 minutes where one of our wizards cast a spell, got a random magical side effect of an arcane deck of cards, one of which when drawn gave him 50,000xp levelling him up to level 10, and ruining the difficulty curve for everyone. When the rest of the party drew cards they suffered the negative effects of having someone in the party who wants to kill you. As a result the game quickly devolved into half the party fighting the other, with the level ten character (who happened to be a scholarly minotaur) one shotting people left, right and center. It may have been ridiculous, but best! game! ever!!

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