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218- Hostage Exchange

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Speaking of ASOIAF content I'm consuming, since I've been at University I've had the chance to play several more games of the wonderful Game of Thrones board game. While I haven't won a game in a while (not since I was playing against people who didn't properly understand the rules) I have come a close second on several occasions. A couple of weeks ago, we played the (4 player) feast for crows expansion, which pits Arryns, Starks, Baratheons and Lannisters against one another in a battle, not for city dominance (though that can come into it too), but to follow objective criteria drawn from a deck of challange cards. I came close to winning on my first turn where I was almost able to complete all three of my initial objectives (have the largest fleet, control both sides of a bridge, control crackclaw point), but alas, I was stopped by some (typical) Lannister agression, and I ended up only coming in second. The expansions for the game help add flavour to the game and stop it getting too repetitive, and I'm looking forward to the release of the next book so there'll be a whole new setup (oh yeah, and it's my favorite ongoing series of books, and I need to know what happens, but sure, the board game's good too...)

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