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212- Three Blokes in a Battlefield

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It's a little strange seeing this comic as the first one being uploaded in the week. Usually, I try and have scenes last for roughly 3 strips (with some shorter, and some longer) to fit into the upload schedule, so the reader gets a bounded stroy over the course of the week, and the two day (now 4 day) break happens between scenes, rather than in the middle of them. That doesn't quite work anymore as this session's strips were written with the breaks in the wrong places. Hopefully that won't be too jarring (I doubt anyone actually noticed that scenes lasted 3 strips anyway) but in the long run, when reading through the archive there won't be any difference.

Speaking of the new format for uploading, I wanted to ask how you (the reader) are finding things. It's easier on my end, I can definately keep up with 2 new strips a week, whereas I was struggling with 3, but I wanted to know if it's a pain to change your reading schedule. I mean, now you can read D&D at 11:00 and then pop uver to AGORP for the new comic at 12:00 (assuming you take an hour to read a single page of comic...). I don't think this is going to continue past this session, but I might be forced to keep the change if I can't keep up with my work.

Anyway, enjoy what should have been a Friday comic on a Tuesday and there'll be the start of a new scene the day after tomorrow.

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Posted by: Phoenix (Guest)


Well, I use RSS to get the updates, so it's all the same to me; whenever a new strip appears in my feed, I read it :P

Posted at: 3 Nov 2015 08:19 am

I use Piperka, so it's pretty much the same for me.

Posted at: 5 Nov 2015 07:11 pm

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