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206- Shopkeeping on the Edge

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The telegraphing of the end of a game is something that's always bothered me. You should be made aware of the aproaching climax by a hightening tension, not by a pop-up that tells you to make sure you've done all the side-quests you want to. What's especially annoying is when a game tricks you into thinking things are ramping up for a conclusion, only to pump out another hour of grinding before another boss-fight. The Bioshock series has a habit of doing this, as do games like Mass Effect, where the story finishes, and the player has to fight wave after wave of mooks before the credits roll.
You won't get any of that in this comic. Oh no, once the characters know things are drawing towards a conclusion, that'll be the end of things. There's definately not going to be 7 times as much content1 yet to come or anything...

1Not to mention rumors of a movie.

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