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203- As You Know...

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As always, there's a trope for that, and who would I be not to draw attention to the creative deficit in play.

And now, the annotation I meant to write on Wednesday, but didn't have time:
In the book, Catelyn's waiting for Robb on the battlements of Riverrun, rather than on the edge of the woods themselves, just as she waited for her Father, and later Brandon and Eddard. It's really a rather touching scene, as she reflects on how half her life seems to have been spent fearing for the people she loves, as they put themselves in harms way, hundreds of miles from home.
And the suspence of Catelyn's watching the battle in the distance, unable to do anything makes a nice contract with the previous chapter, which sees Tyrion right in the center of the fighting, trying his hardest to make an impact on the fighting, though still not really achieving much.
A Song of Ice and Fire really has some lovelly parallels and metaphoric symbolism, which people often forget about when all they talk about are the conspiricy theories and fanon. Don't get me wrong, I like theorising as much as anyone else, but let's not forget that it's also a really well written series of books.

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