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200- Muster for Battle!

To Battle!
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Two-Hundred sodding comics, how time flies when you've streched the 7-strip concept you had out way beyond the original ideas limits1. I hope you're still enjoying yourselves (I'm presuming you must have enjoyed this comic at some point at least, else you wouldn't have stuck around). I took an extended break out from writing over the summer (as I've mentionned, I write better when I've got something else to focus on as well) but I still had enough ideas set out to finish an outline for every strip from now until the end of series 1. My plans are starting to come together for book two in the series (tentatively titled 'A Critical Failure of Kings'), and I'm looking forward to some of the set peices I'll be writing in a year or so's time, (*cough*cough*Blackwater*cough*) and the whole Renly/Stannis thing has some interesting potential. I'm still a little unsure of some details though, so I won't say too much just yet.
I also just finished compiling the first strip of episode 8, which means my buffer is getting dangerously low. There are a couple of pretty intense scenes between now and then which have taken up a lot of my writing energy, this comic included. Getting all the speech into a position where it scanned the way I wanted it too was pretty tricky (and I still don't think it's quite right) but these extended pages really add something to the feel of the comic (even if it is more of an OOTS thing, than a Darths & Droids motif). The whole, extended comic on every milestone thing might have to be dropped in favor of a more as and when policy though, as sometimes the natural continuation of a scene doesn't lend itself as well to a double page format.

Anyway, I've gone on far too long and haven't even gotten to my story about the re-animated bever arsonist yet2 so I'd better upload this quickly before the internet drops out again. Here's to the continuation of stuff!

1I mean seriously, when was the last time anyone mentionned any zombies in this thing.

2Another time maybe.

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Posted by: Phoenix (Guest)

Congratulations! It's going well!

Posted at: 2 Oct 2015 12:20 pm

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