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193- Asleep in the Background

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I hope these two don't come off as too dislikeable in this comic. My inner feminist is already a little dissapointed in myself that so far I've introduced three female characters and they're shaping up to just be somebody's daughter and somebody's love interest1, and the fact that the number of scripts containing at least onefemale PC is less that of any of the three male PCs is pretty dissapointing. I suppose I'm trying to bring out some of the grey morality present in the source material, where even those characters who seem perfectly amicable can have hidden agendas.
And also I wanted to take any chance I could get to get a conversation between two female leads (the next one between these two probably won't be until season 4), even if it fails the Bechdel test by being about a man. But hey, I managed to do a whole load better than the TV Show.2

1This will change, I promise, just give me a few more years. *sob*

2OK so I may only be speaking from memory, but I think that Game of Thrones doesn't pass until Brienne and Catelyn have a chat about honour in series 2, and even then, it'd be let down if one of them mentionned Renly. I'd like to think that the books do it sooner (books usually have an advantage in these things because there's more extraneous conversation. If somebody would like to look into this for me I'd be more than happy to feature your findings in an annotation.

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