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184- Taking Lessons from Lizzie

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So in the books this is a really interesting scene. Tyrion has already told Bronn the story about his first wife, and so Bronn knows his weakness for women who love him despite obvious evidence for the contary. This makes his immediate finding of Shae, a prostitute who is exactly that, just a little suspicious. So if Varys/Littlefinger/Tywin/Ser Pounce has an agent in the Lannister forces (Bronn *cough, cough*) they had an ideal opportunity to manipulate Tyrion.
- It could be Tywin, as it's his camp, he immediately knows Tyrion has a whore who he intends to bring to court (and he's a master of reverse psychology), and of course there's the thing which happens at the end of season 4.
- It could be Varys, as Bronn meets Tyrion at the Inn of the Crossroads (situated in Darry (a known Varys puppet) land), and Shae has a confusing/mysterious relationship with Varys through the rest of the series.
- And then there's Littlefinger, who's probably involved in everything in some way...
- Oh and Ser Pounce, who's obviously Azor Ahai, and is the key to everything that happens.

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Posted by: Someone (Guest)

Somehow, I think that she and Lizzie will never attend a session together.

Posted at: 26 Aug 2015 07:31 am

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