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175- Bribes and Bluff Checks

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See that battle map in panel 8? Notice anything strange about it?
Figurative prize for anyone who comments with what it is.

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Posted by: Arby (Guest)

Is it that there are three Lannister armies?

Posted at: 3 Aug 2015 08:33 am

Posted by: Someone (Guest)

Is it the fact that the fights happen in Riverlands, meanwhile the map very clearly depicts the Vale?

Posted at: 3 Aug 2015 02:12 pm

Posted by: Fleak

@Arby: Got it in one! In the original screencap, there's no Lannister army west of the trident, but Jaime's supposed to be leading a second attack so I needed to edit the image. In the GORP timeline, there's nobody seiging Riverrun, but there's nothing saying Tywin doesn't have a third army stationed there.
Figurative prizes for you!

Posted at: 3 Aug 2015 02:32 pm

Posted by: Arby (Guest)

@Fleak: Wahey! Figurative prizes are the best!

Posted at: 4 Aug 2015 03:47 pm

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