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154- Hey There Cersei

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So the finale of the latest series of the TV show was last night. I haven't seen it yet, writing from the past and all, but I have to say, it'll need to be pretty damn impressive to make up for the rest of the season. The thing I've enjoyed most about the last 9 episodes, is that they've persuaded me to go back and re-read books 4 & 51. I'd advise it for anyone who's feeling a little dissapointed about the lack of Arienne, Asha, Alayne and Aegon (points to himself this guy) or any of the other fantastic plot points which don't revolve around the rape/murder of children2. Let's hope it picks up in series 6, or at least that George RR Martin gets around to finishing the next book before then, so I've got something to take my mind off things.

1 I haven't quite finished reading Dance yet, but then I didn't start the marathon in the first week, so I can still get through it within the length of one season.

2 I mean seriously, there are like seven plot points in the show at the moment, and four of them feature child abuse. The Ironborn aren't looking so bad these days are they...

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