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142- When Life Closes a Window...

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"When life1 closes a door, somewhere it opens a window."

Which is great and all, but
  1. A window is not a door, and saying that an alternate route into/out of a room is acceptable is like saying "Don't complain about me chopping off your foot, you've still got two perfectly servicable hands to walk on."

  2. Just because a window has been opened "somewhere" is not much of a comfort to me. Maybe I'm being synical, but when a door slams in my face, I don't really care about whether of not some bloke in Austrailia's experianceing a breeze.

  3. This statement fails to take into account the astronomical frequence of both doors closing and windows opening. You may as well say, "At any point in which a statistical certainty occurs, another statistical certainty also occurs" which doesn't have nearly the same ring to it.

If you're going to use this statement of the pointless, reverse it, so at least things are getting significantly better when somebody closes the window you were hoping to climb out of. Unless of course, that door was in the floor, above a 200ft drop. Then request another option in the window department.

1Read: God/Jesus/Hawking/the doorman.

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