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132- Intimidation Feminism

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So we're finally getting our frist look at Nick's friend, as yet unnamed,1 and I'm hoping that you'll agree with Will in thinking that she's not quite what you expected. I mean, the way Nick talks about her in #119 you'd think she was some sort of Penny character, to be fawned over by the nerdy main characters and provide a source of romantic sub-plot for the comic. Well I'm not going to rip off the central theme from somebody else's work.
I mean... y'know, any more than I am already.

1Franticly searches through comics to check where her name first gets mentionned.2
2Turns out I've never once said her name at any point during all of the comics I've writtern thus far. From now on, we all refer to her as Bronn, until the time is right to update the cast page.3
3It's fine, Darths & Droids did this with Jim and Ben for the first 20 or so strips, and again with Annie for over 50.

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