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118- Breast Foot Forward

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Wait what? Was that the end of this session? Damn, that went quickly. I'd better get writing the next one!

Nah, Only kidding I've got a load in the backlog1. I can't decide what to do about the season break. By the time I get there I should have enough time to keep up with the propper schedule again after my exams (There may be some missed deadlines during June), and yet I feel like there should be some sort of break between arcs. If you've got any suggestions, or feelings about the possibility of a couple of weeks between this series and the next, feel free to comment below. (I mean we're only on episode 4 in some places so it probably won't be for a while)

Session 5: Dwarves, Bastards and Broken Limbs starts Monday at 12:00.2

1 [Knocks PC flying as he hurries to write more scripts]

2 I enjoy making puns on the episode titles far too much.

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