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114- Rumours and Plot

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I realise this doesn't have anything to do with Game of Thrones so feel free to ignore this annotation if you want.

On Monday I discussed some of my problems with The Walking dead TV show in comparison to the comics it's based on. That rant continues here.

MAJOR SPOILERS for The Walking Dead Season 5 (and previous) & for the comics already overtaken by the show.

But forgetting Tyreese for a moment (sob), there's a problem in general with deaths in the show being far less impactful than in the comics. Remember Dale? How he walked off alone at night and got sneaked up on in the middle of an empty field? Wouldn't it be cooler if he survived that bite by amputating his leg; helped establish a home and a family with Andrea in the prison; escaped the destruction at the hands of the Govenor; became reluctant to rejoin with Rick after he led his group/family to their deaths; getting past this and coming back only to end up being eaten alive by the hunters causing him to sacrifice himself by infecting them with TAINTED MEAT!!! (hahahha). This part in the story was split up between Herschel and Bob, meaning the impact of losing one of the origional group was lost.

Then there's the problem of the ensemble cast. In the comics, Rick is the main character, and with the exception of his son (for now at least) no-one is safe. In the Govenor's big attack on the Prison, who actually died? Herschel was killed before the strike to show us that nobody was safe and then... well, everybody was safe. In the comics, Tyreese, Hershel, Billy, Axel, Lori, Judith and I can't remember who else. At the time, only Rick and Carl are confirmed to have escaped alive and it's almost a reboot, as there's a reshuffling of the cast with Abraham and his group followed by Gabriel.

It also leads to a change of setting as they travel towards Washington. In the series, the group starts towards Washington (at least some of it does) but they double back to Atlanta (!!!) which is crazy right because they left that place explitily because it was overrun. I liked some of the stuff with Beth, and it was good to see some enjoyable additions to the comic plotline (instead of random, pointless farm scenes) but there was no reason to return to Atlanta. The group has been travelling since the Prison and yet they're still only a short way from their starting point? Wasn't the CDC a days drive from the Camp, and then they spent months travelling before and after the Prison. It makes Glenn's suggestion that they go to Washington seem completely out of place. You want to go because the plot requires it, don't try and retcon your weird writing last half.

But back to the dying problem. Unlike the Rick driven story of the comics, the audience is focused on Glenn, Carol, Michonne, Abrhaham, Daryl & Carl. This takes away from the "We don't die!" mentality developed by those Survivors who do make it to the end. They know that they've lost everyone else, but they keep going because they have to. This means the show has a habit of introducing character just to die when they need to ramp up the tension (See Bob, Axel, Milton etc.). Hopefully Alexandria will allow for a new cast to be woven into the group so that we can see some deaths we actually care bout rather than just, oh dear, there goes another one. To give credit to the show, Beth and Tyreese were steps in the right direction, (but as discussed previously, they could have been so much more.)

Rant concludes Friday.

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