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111- He Should Have Seen That One Coming

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I've been writing comics for session six and it's been brought to my attention that episode 7 of the series (You Win Or You Die), one of the two episodes being adapted into that session, contains only one of the players. That's going to make for a very one sided game for most of the players. However, it does draw attention to the fact that as a GM you can only place so much focus on one group of players at a time when playing a game with a split party. If you're playing a game over the course of several weeks (as A Game of Roleplay is) I would advise splitting playes geographically and meeting with them seperately. While this runs the risk of lessening the enjoyment of the game be decreasing the number of people playing at any one time, it'll add a ton of weight to the player-character divide. And with any luck, in order to stay with their friends, the players will see the disadvantages of splitting the party in the first place.

Seriously guys, take pity on your GM. Don't Split the Party.

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