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108- Reinforcement of Theme

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Last week I played a game of Traveller with some friends, to try and introduce them to the world of paper-based RPGs. I created a Firefly-esque world of gunslinging, space-cowboys and quests involving the safe transportation of a herd of cows.
The highlight for me was when they used the herd of cows to stampede over a group of gunslingers, allowing them to recapture a player who (against the advice of the group) decided to respond to a distress signal from a trader carrying a shipment of orphaned puppies and kittens. It was of course a trap.

"GM: You're taken by the ambushers to the rear of their ship, to a cell in the depths of the engines. A single window looks out between the hulking metal structure and you can see one last glimpse of the ship containing the rest of your party before they jump away, completely unaware of your desperate situation.

HOPE: But what about the puppies? Are they OK? Is there still a fire in the nursery for overachieving toddlers?"

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