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107- The Great King Robert

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Converting comedy scenes from the show into comedy scenes in the comic is one of the hardest things in making a screencap comic. When the NPCs are acting in a controlled and sensible way, it's far easier for the PCs to play off and take the piss out of them than when they're acting just as off the wall as the main players. My first attempt at producing a screencap comic was using images from the Pirates of the Carribean (a field which as been thouroughly plundered (see the other comics page), but that ended up going nowhere as I couldn't add much comedy beyond the existing weirdness.
I'm also not looking forward to the opposite scenario, where the scene's so dire and depressing that any attempt to drop in a witty one liner is just massively out of place. I recently rewatched the end of Series 3 in preperation for the next series coming out on DVD and I think I'm going to have to rethink my plans for the Red Wedding. Not that you knew what those were, so you wouldn't actually know I'd done that without me saying.
Ah well, it's still approx. 2 years away so I've got plenty of time.

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