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103- Familial Relations

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I'm covering my own backside with this one. If I had mentionned Lysa was Cat's sister I can chalk it up to PCs forgetting important information provided by the GM; and if I hadn't I can make a comment about how Game Masters give tons of useless information and forget the really important stuff.

Of course the problem with this is that I can't remember which scenario I should go with because I can't remember if I've mentioned Catelyn's connection with the Arryns before. I've got mock exams to prepare for this week so I don't have time to scroll through over 100 (!!!!) comics to find the answer. I'm sure one of my devoted fans will correct me (wink)

EDIT: Turns out I wrote it ambiguously in the first place. Success!!
(Thanks to Phoenix for reminding me of my own canon.)

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Posted by: Phoenix (Guest)

*sigh* Fine...

I checked. NPC Catelyn mentioned the Eyrie and her sister in the same sentence, but she didn't specify the relation between the two. It was implied, I guess? (comic 24)

Posted at: 13 Feb 2015 08:26 am

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