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99- Pre-Jousting

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We're only one away from the bumper 3 page special featuring at least some of your favorite characters...
It's got Lizzie in...

Traveller, the role-playing game I have most experiance with, includes the Recruitment skill, whereby a player gets a massive boost to their attempt to hire mercenaries. This is supposed to be at the discretion of the GM, but becomes easily abused when your Head of Human Resources has Recruitment-6[1] and can persuade the President of the solar system to come and shoot aliens with the party.

[1]Recruitment-1 translates to Leadership-4 meaning Recruitment-6 is approximately Leadership-24. Any GM who doesn't see that as an automatic success on a recruitment roll is (in my opinion) out of their mind.[2]

[2]As you may have guessed, the HR manager was my character.

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