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83- To King's Landing with Haste

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One of the most interesting elements of Fantasy employed by George RR. Martin in A Song of Ice and Fire is that of the messenger raven. Without this there would be long periods of time where not a lot happened because people didn't realise they were supposed to act. Considering Westeros's size (discussed before in these annotations) it would be pretty impractical to send a rider on a month long ride to inform the a Lord of a message. Judging by the pace of events in the Seven Kingdoms you'd need riders in perpetual back and forth between the North and King's Landing just to keep up.
Messenger Ravens are trained to fly between their maester and a castle, meaning that in order to write to a far away place you need a raven trained to fly there long before you start writing. It would be nice to imagine a centralised raven post office where messages arrive on one set of ravens and are sent out on another, although this would be massively impractical. It's never really brought up, what happens if you need to send a note to a castle you don't have a raven for but I suppose it might be possible to relay the information through allies. This can't be good for security though, with the amount of backstabbing going on. I think the people of the Seven Kingdoms should just go on and invent the steam train, and then they can stop all this faffing about with horses and birds.

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Posted by: Venalitor

Being reminded that Rob is a gang leader in this version, I'm really interested in how his story is going to be played out. At the very least its easy to imagine the red wedding not being a stupid mess like in the HBO series.

Posted at: 20 Dec 2014 09:40 pm

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