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68- Lord Snow

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I don't know whether to criticise George RR Martin for creating a system of natural born naming which is essentially based around a characterising geographical feature or whether to congratulate him on capturing another aspect of this world where people care so little about Bastards that they're happy to call them "Stone" just because they were born in the mountains.
In terms of historical accuracy it varys from place to place. Some regions gave Bastard children a common surname, others had them inherit their family name (usually acompanied with a change in heraldry) and others gave them no name at all. Most notably, Royal Bastards were given the surname Fitzroy (son of a King) and as such the prefix Fitz- became common when choosing Bastard surnames in some areas of Medieval England. Look at that I actually taught you something.

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Posted by: Phoenix (Guest)

"How about 'Jon Master-at-arms'? Jon Thorne? Jon Seralliser? No? I'll keep looking. I mean, thinking."

Hey, um, I noticed a lot of spelling mistakes/typos this time. I hope I'm not being rude, but when I find that kind of mistakes often in a work, it makes me judge it harshly, as if it were of worse quality than it is. I think this is a turn-off for many other people, so I'd suggest that you reread the strips as you edit them, because many of those typos can be caught and fixed with just that.
I'm sorry, I just hope it helps :/

The bastard info was interesting though :)

Posted at: 14 Nov 2014 09:47 am

Posted by: Fleak

@Phoenix: I always try to keep typos out of my work but recently I've had to spend less time on the read-through pre upload. That's where mistakes crop in so I'll try and up my game here in future.
Annotations are a bit different because I'm often doing them in a rush 5 minutes before the deadline and my ipad is really glitchy about what it does/does not register as a spelling mistake. I think I'm going to have to start running things through a word processor before I make it live.

Apologies for my mistakes and I know it must be frustrating, thanks for sticking around this long though and I'll try to improve :)

Posted at: 14 Nov 2014 11:11 am

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