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63- Post Economics

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The idea of Post-Economics was proposed to me as a way of fixing government. The core principle is that money as a concept is inherently flawed. We may owe billions of pounds to another country but they in turn owe billions of pounds and so on so that everyone in the world is in debt to one another. If we all just agreed to forget about these imaginary debts and focus on life closer to home we might be able to make the trains run on time, or provide affordable healthcare, or delay the robot uprising. Without money, if a policy needs to happen, it just does. (You need a kidney/new phone/gas mask? Here you go.) If we lived in a post-economic world, the concept of exchanging imagined bits of paper for goods/services would be preposterous. Of course theres the problem that nobody's being paid for anything but then it doesn't really matter because you get whatever you like anyway.

This system is flawed in inumerous ways for this annotation but it's worth thinking about.

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