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62- R-R-R-Role Call

I realise that I could have just taken a screengrab of Stannis from Season 2, but I like the idea that the GM has just as little idea what he looks like as the producers of the show.
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I'm amazed that this isn't on TV Tropes, (or at least if it is I can't find it in 5 minutes of googling). Roll call's of major character groups appear all over the place in fiction, where the cast introduce themselves with a name and breif cahracter description to help the audience understand what the characters in the show would surely have known for years.
Take Friends for example. In the opening scene every character's name is mentioned along with Ross & Monica's relationship and some of the basic story arc stuff for the first series. This is comparitively well done as at least it happens in the context of Rachel's introduction to the group. In quite a few cases, these people have known each other for years, or at least long enough that it's weird to refer to someones name, to their face, in casual conversation.
In summery, reader who's started making a TV Tropes page for the comic, how'd you fancy setting up a 'Roll Call' page... If that's even possible/feasible/something you'd be interested in.

EDIT: Within a day I was directed to This Page by reader Phoenix, which is essentially everything I was looking for. I love being wrong about things...

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Posted by: Phoenix (Guest)


How about the Introdump trope? I think it fits.

Posted at: 31 Oct 2014 12:12 pm

Posted by: Fleak (Guest)

Smackjeeves is having some problems so there might be a short delay in todays comic being uploaded.

Hey look at that, I'm a guest

Posted at: 3 Nov 2014 05:52 am

Posted by: Someone (Guest)

Ehmm... Is that 404 Image Not Found a planned thing?

Posted at: 27 Apr 2015 01:32 pm

Posted by: Fleak

@Someone: Yeah, Despire being a prominat character in the first book, Stannis wasn't even cast until season two of the series. If you look at the show's family tree, which came with the DVD box set, you'll see a "Ser Not-Appearing-In-This-Feature" tag over the place where Stannis' face should be.

Posted at: 27 Apr 2015 03:47 pm

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