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24- Luwin's Letter

I really like that shot of the letter, it doesn't really fit but I've stuck it in anyway.
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For a few strips you may notice some repitition in the screencaps used for Tyrion & Bran's speech. For the most part they are unique images, but they don't really appear in the rest of the episode. I try to keep it limited to only taking caps from the current scene, however unlike Darths & Droids the speaking characters are rarely in the same scene. As such, you may see some random lighting changes in the background, though this should improve once the show begins to place more emphasis on the PCs.

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Posted by: Yakumo (Guest)

Like the cap you picked for Tyrion's line in panel 7. Such a ponderous gaze. I'm thinking it's a scene when he's looking at Jon Snow, but the way it's cropped, it looks like he's staring into the distance.

Posted at: 18 Mar 2015 06:36 pm

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