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16- When the Sun is in Literally Any Position

Those are some 1984 levels of censorship
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On the topic of nudity: I'm still not quite sure where I'm taking this comic in terms of it's PG rating. It'll be difficult, especially in the later episodes of the series, to avoid showing the gratuitous violence that becomes common in the show. Then again, the censorship gods have a far greater problem with nobbly bits than they do with the brutal murder of unborn children (ok maybe not that far). For the most part, I can frame panels around the naked characters to crop out the worst of it (as seen above) though this is one of the tamer scenes as far as full frontal nudity goes.
I have at least (as you may have noticed) set a precident for censorship in text form. I'll leave it to your imagination to think of what sort of horrific scene Nick's describing in just over two lines of speech. That is a serious amount of detail compressed into a very short sentence...

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Posted by: c3p (Guest)

Classic Move

"Then again...
I begin by putting on my robe and wizard hat."

That's classic lovemaking for you!

Seems my other comment died in the spam filter. I should probably register for an account...someday

Posted at: 7 Jul 2014 08:03 am

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