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12- A Charismatic Calamity

Sansa's face in 4 seems appropriate seeing as she's just seen her brother kill someone right in front of her.
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Up until the last moment the 19 Eddard rolls in panel 7 was a 20. I know I'm fudging the dice for the purpose of an interesting story but that seemed too ridiculous to ever happen. I don't know if a 19 is any better considering the odds but I think it still works. For minor rolls (like Geoffrey's bleeding out rolls) I use an actual D20, taking all the failure rolls directly. I guess this makes it more random, though I do find myself not including the doubles (they just look too planned).

The dice rolls are one of the few thematic changes Game of Roleplay has from Darths & Droids. In D&D the characters simply say whatever they rolled (if it's important) which is generally what happens with RPGs in real life. When somebody rolls a natural 20, somebody is bound to shout 20! in celebration. This is fine for a while but makes for boring content on a large scale, especially for the huge battles that happen later in the story. I also know that I'm more likely to go to extremes with the rolls (more 1s & 20s than 4s & 13s) if I only included dice in the dialogue. If it isn't working out I might phase the numbers out over time. For now, I think it's fine.

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Posted by: Jechtael

Well, that's an upgrade to the "Y' old fatso" "How could I stay mad at you?" banter from the show.

Posted at: 16 Sep 2015 05:01 am

Posted by: IceDrake (Guest)

Despite its frequent applicability, I don't think I've ever heard a player say "We did not think this through."

Posted at: 20 Jul 2016 10:48 pm

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