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10- Starks Assemble

10 comics... that's some sort of record!
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That first panel is seriously pixelated. It looks like a screenshot from the pixel-art version of Game of Thrones...
The DVD isn't really high enough resolution for good quality screencaps. It only displays in 720p so any enlargement to the image really screws it up. This coupled with the way I took the screencaps from fullscreen rather than windowed meaning there was a bit of pixel tearing already. Anyway I could (any may in future) recapture the images for the first few comics, but for now your just going to have to sit tight until the quality picks up in a couple strips time.

On a more plot related note, we're hearing the first mention of the new player. Nick will be strolling onto your screens on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure you're going to be pretty pleased with who he's playing...
Yes, yes I am going there.


(sort of)

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Posted by: c3p (Guest)

Where are you going? New Player is a frat boy and plays a whoring dwarf? (awesome)
At least sansa is a npc, so we don't have to endure a forced marriage between to PC

Posted at: 23 Jun 2014 07:02 am

Posted by: Dragynn (Guest)

Came in from the Grand Line 3.5. Lovin' this comic so far, keep up the good work!

Posted at: 23 Jun 2014 02:39 pm

Posted by: Lina (Guest)

good, good...

oh nice!
This is looking goood!
Ofcourse Joffrey is player character. Not even a GM can make someone a jerk like that. Let alone being such a jerk and actually SURVIVE.
Anyway, great design for the story and everything so far! Don't worry about cutting out so much information... It makes it a lot more readible then the books at least <-- just started in the first one

so in short: looks great, please make sure you can finish it, cause this is gonna be good!

Posted at: 23 Jun 2014 04:56 pm

Posted by: skaybay (Guest)


So far one of the best ongoing screencap comics out there. I'm looking forward for more, Joffrey (if Nick is indeed going to play Joff and not Tyrion) is going to be EPIC.

Posted at: 23 Jun 2014 05:30 pm

Posted by: Jechtael

Yay! Another player! And he's the K8ng! He's going to be SO mad when-

Oh. It's Prince Douchebag of House Inbreedister. Never mind.

(Hiya! I'm Jeyara/JET73L over on ComicFury, for those of you who came here from Friendship is Dragons or Grand Line 3.5. I'm greatly enjoying this comic so far, and I'm liking the Darths&Droids feel that you've given at least the first arc.)

Posted at: 16 Sep 2015 04:57 am

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