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4- Cartography 101

The third panel has been extended up slightly, which you hopefully wouldn't have noticed... until now.
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I had to do quite a bit of searching to find out how long the wall actually is. George RR Martin is deliberately vauge when it comes to distances. Aparently, Westeros is comparable with America, with 'The North' being the size of the U.S.A. Whilst cool, this does mean that in 9,826,675 kmĀ² there are precisely 9 towns large enough to appear on the map. Seeing as Deepwood motte is described as a keep and a few houses surrounded by farmlands. I'm choosing to ignore the source material here and create something slightly more managable (according to Google the US-Canada border is 5,525 miles*). The wall as a concept works better when it's just the flat edge of the designer's map.

*Though this admittedly doesn't follow the same straight line as The Wall.

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