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2- An Unexpected Characterisation

The second-to-last panel isn't actually a GoT screencap. It's an image I found on Goodle, If you happen to know where it's from I would like to know so I can link the creator.
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This comic was one of the first I planned out in my head (along with one following a similar theme later on, you'll know it when you see it). I'm not sure if I like the edited frames thing as it soret of detracts from the point of the format, especially as I'm not all that great at photoshopping. I did want to do something big and impressive early on (see follow up comic) to try and raise interest. If this isn't your sort of thing it'll all calm down on Friday with comic 3.

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Posted by: Greg (Guest)

DM Text

The DM's text box is too similar in colour to the PCs. On my screen it's hard to tell them apart to see who's a player and who's an NPC. In this strip especially Arya looks like she's got a white speech bubble, not a pale yellow like the DM boxes.

Posted at: 9 Jun 2014 04:41 am

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