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1- Winter is not Coming

I suppose I should really write something here...
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I have always found that I am at my most creative, when I really need to be doing something else. At time of upload I will be sitting in my Politics A-Level, frantically writing to try and scrape through with a decent grade. This strip was written about a month ago, in late April as I began the final stages of revision. Of course, there was a certian amount of planning which went into the project, even before the first comic, but this was to a large extent a method of procrastination.

The format of the comic is, of course, derivative of the comic irregular's Darths & Droids (which was in turn copying the style of Shamus Young's DM of the Rings). However I hope to add a third spin to the format, or at least to create a new story in a different medium. This comic will be written from the perspective of someone who has read the 'Song of Ice and Fire' books, so if you really want to avoid all spoilers then this might not be the strip for you. I will try to keep this as spoiler free for the post-series plotlines as I can but there may be the occasional peice of forshadowing. Speaking of which I'm not sure how long this thing will last. My current goal is to produce comics for the entire first season, but I'm prepared to give the others a go. If you enjoy the comic, let me know because I wouldn't want to cut it short and end the story prematurely.

If you want to get in contact you can email me ( or follow me on Twitter or YouTube. At time of writing this I'm hoping to update Monday/Wednesday/Friday so be sure to check back soon for the next strip.

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The Tits

This comic is lookin’ fine as hell. Can’t wait to read the next one, right after Chantelle has finished her... cleaning up... shall we say.

Posted at: 9 Jun 2014 05:03 am

Posted by: KerPlunk (Guest)

Where do like 90% of the riders from the first panel go before the second? Did the ground just eat them?

Posted at: 28 Dec 2014 07:34 am

Posted by: Zavvnao (Guest)

Tv Tropes

Congratulations on a TV Tropes page. Someone should flesh it out. ^^

Posted at: 7 Jan 2015 03:45 am

Posted by: SomeGuy (Guest)

This comic stops going after strip 265. Feel free to keep reading, but, it dies early into Season 2.

Posted at: 5 Oct 2016 12:29 am

Posted by: Fleak

@SomeGuy: You might want to check that agin...
#cryptic #dopeoplestillputhastagsinthings? #ohgodsI'mold #dontputapostraphiesinhashtags

Posted at: 17 Dec 2016 11:17 am

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